A Bible Study is being held on Thursday afternoons at 2pm beginning Novemeber 9 thru December 7, 2017. All are welcome!
Chapel By The Lake
Monday, July 16, 2018

Meet the Pastor

Eric Feustel, Pastor


I’ve lived in New England almost all of my life. I can, in one way or another, claim roots in all six New England states. Most of my younger years were spent in Connecticut and my adult years in New Hampshire.

While I grew up in a minister’s family, I had no intention of ever becoming a pastor myself. I sometimes wrestled with the meaning of life, the presence of God, and my own significance. I usually attended church services and my involvement spanned a number of different churches. I discovered that the Spirit of God is at work in every church where the path of Jesus is honored and followed.

I graduated from Gordon College in Wenham, Mass, and after college I pursued a career in the restaurant industry for some 25 years. I managed a restaurant, transitioned into supply as an outside sales representative and was promoted to district sales manager and senior sales representative. I still volunteer with food industry related organizations and charities.

In 2004 I left the company for which I’d worked for nearly 20 years and I asked my pastor for her prayers as I sought further employment. Her response was not what I expected: “You should be in the ministry,” she told me. It took a few months, but soon I recognized her voice as God’s call.

It had been nearly 30 years since I had been in college, but I took a step of faith and enrolled in Boston University School of Theology, earning a Master’s Degree in Biblical and Historical Studies in 2007, and then I sought ordination as deacon.
After graduating from seminary I served on the New Hampshire District Lay Speaking Committee and on the clergy staff of the Grantham United Methodist Church. It was there I realized God was directing me not to become a deacon, but a pastor.
In July 2010 I was moved a few dozen miles south on Route 10 and was appointed as pastor of the Marlow United Methodist Church. Then in July 2014, I crossed Pitcher Mountain, from Route 10 to Route 9, to also serve as Pastor of the Chapel by the Lake in Munsonville (Nelson), NH.
My ministry centers on Bible teaching from the pulpit and in small group settings. The Scriptures inform our view of God, ourselves, and God’s activity in the world—most important to our study is what we do differently because of what we’ve learned. I invite you to come to the Chapel by the Lake and learn with us as we seek to follow in the way of Jesus. There’s a new wind blowing—Catch the Spirit!