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Chapel By The Lake
Monday, July 16, 2018

How To Pray

The FACTS(S) Model of Prayer:
Fasting/Preparation in general: If you were to meet the President or the Governor, or even your own town officials, you would want to be prepared. Prepare yourself for prayer by some form of self-discipline.
Adjustment/Adoration: This is God- the eternal spirit of good- you're about to address. Think of all that is good in the world, try to imagine what the Personality behind this is like, and affirm your belief.
Confession/Contribution: Admit that you fall short of perfection, and that you wish you were better than you are.
Thanksgiving: Thank God for the gift of life itself. Savor the fact that you are alive! Thank God for whatever else comes to mind. Once you get started its hard to stop!
Supplication: Here is where you ask for what you need. It may help to realize that the root word of supplication is not supply but supple, as in flexible- Be flexible in understanding  how God might provide for your request.
Scripture: God speaks to us in ways that God has already spoken--through the words of the Holy Bible.  (See "HOW TO READ THE BIBLE", the next tab down on our website.)










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