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Friday, January 18, 2019

How To Read The Bible

Pray before you read, asking God for Insight.
The Bible comes to us from a variety of uniquely gifted people over many centuries who passed on their knowledge of God.  Some parts of the Bible are descriptive: they tell us how ancient people encountered God, of their experiences in their world, complete with their successes and failures. Still other parts of the Bible are prescriptive: they tell us how we should live and what behavior to avoid.

Read a chapter, or even a few sentences, but enough to capture a complete thought.
It may be helpful to read a larger passage at first--maybe a whole chapter--to get the complete portion in context; then re-read a shorter portion day-by-day and focus on a particular thought. 

Reflect. Ask yourself:
How does what I read inform my understanding of God?
How does what I read help me understand myself?  
What does it reveal about how God works in the world?

What will I do differently because of what I've learned? This is where you begin to let God's Word  shape your daily life!

Ask God to help you follow through on what you have chosen to do differently.